Selecting the Best Medical Marijuana for You


Selecting the best medical marijuana can be an overwhelming task especially due to the availability of so many varieties of medical marijuana in the market. For that reason, if you are hoping to relieve symptoms without adding yourself side effects of medical marijuana, you need to research carefully for the right marijuana for your illness. Each medical marijuana drug has different therapeutic effects that benefit different patients who have varying levels and types of symptoms. Therefore, you need to have the right medication for your symptom otherwise if you use a different drug for your symptom, it may not be of any benefit for your condition.


The two popular MJNA medical marijuana which is Sativa and Indica medical marijuana. It is good to have a slight idea of their therapeutic benefits to various symptoms. Patients commonly use Sativa during the day, and it is known to increase concentration, creativeness, energy and serotonin levels providing patients with relief from their medical condition. On the other hand, Indica is known for its ability to reduce nausea and stress as well as increase appetite among patients. It is commonly used by patients who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, and glaucoma. Indica varieties are mostly consumed during the night to offer more relaxing effects to patients.


However, there is a hybrid medical marijuana that comes from Indica and Sativa. These hybrid drugs are categorized into two groups which are Sativa-Indica where Sativa is dominant and Indica-Sativa where indica is the dominant component. Each of these hybrid medical marijuana strains is used to treat varying symptoms. For example, Indica component in Indica-Sativa variety is commonly used in relieving pain while Sativa is used maintain energy and activity levels in patients. On the other hand, the Sativa components dominant in Sativa-Indica variety is used to elevate appetite while the Indica component relieves body pain.  You might want to check out this website at and learn more about cannabis.


For that reason, it is good to know the condition you are suffering from when you are selecting any medical marijuana strain as it will guide you on which drug to buy. Also, you should keep in mind that every person has a unique physiological makeup and the experience of using medical marijuana will vary from one individual to another.


As soon as you identify the best medical marijuana for your condition, the other question you need to ask yourself is which combination of Indica, Sativa or hybrid is right for you. It is advisable to sample at least four strains to find the best medical marijuana that will fit your requirements. Make sure you record the medical marijuana combo you take, time, quantity and the effects of the drug in your journal when you are testing. Once you finish doing the tests, make sure you compare the results. By doing this, you will have identified the best medical marijuana from that is right for you. Alternatively, you can consult your physician on the same.